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  • anonymous_743598 anonymous_743598 Aug 24, 2013 1:39 AM Flag

    People in here need to wake up and stop smoking whatever hopeful and micro are

    Even PS Vita is in more demand than Android consoles. That is an objective fact. Look at the failure of Ouya and you will see what is in store for Mojo. Mojo is to MCZ what uDraw is to THQI(Q).

    MCZ to 20 cents.

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    • Once there were these two devices, both played movies and music. One was called Betamax and all the techies loved it, pointed out how superior the product and quality was. The other was called VHS and all the consumers loved it. Since that was where the money was VHS took off and Beta got left in the dust. Sure then next big thing came along and VHS became extinct but not before making people lots of money.

    • "MCZ to 20 cents"......crazy boy......

    • It is actually possible that your first paragraph is correct. However, given Amazon's decision to enter this market it seems a little more plausible to think that there IS a market. That said, some of us (like ME) own MCZ shares (and have been adding for the last couple months), not because of MOJO, but because of the new console cycle, the cleaned up/improving balance sheet, the stronger management team, the shape/direction of the stock chart, and the CEO's vision and willingness to "go big" as evidenced by MOJO and the Smart initiative. While these may not pan out ever, they at least are willing to take a shot. I also own it because I think there is a real chance that one of the big boys (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, EA, Sony, etc.) might just decide they want a boutique design shop that can turn quickly on things. Mad Catz fits the bill and it isn't weighted down with difficult-to-integrate assets. I am 100% certain that Mad Catz can move faster than ANY of the big boys.

      But you throw any credibility you had right out the window by saying something stupid like MCZ to 20 cents. Your argument would be much more effective without saying that.

      ...oh, and why not just use your previous/other moniker, why try to hide...silly

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      • About my credibility, nobody here has any credibility or we would all be posting articles for hedge funds or institutions website or even selling our financial advise. If you think for a moment that someone with even a shred of real world financial clout is going to come onto a yahoo message you're about as clueless as they get.

        I have had many "monikers." I change it as I like it. I'm not trying to hide and I'm certainly not here to impress any of you. Why would I even want respect on an anonymous internet message board anyway?

      • Agree. I started to write a logical reply, and then realized it's pointless. Another short with his marbles in the vice.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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