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  • telecomguru telecomguru Sep 3, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    On a positive, TB has is already taking pre-orders for the XBOX ONE...


    Hopefully MCZ will be announcing soon, which should give the stock a lift...

    I'm personally hoping for a whole new design....I've heard too many complaints about the ORANGE ear foam...


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    • eightball126 Sep 4, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

      I would love to see a new shell on the warhead and repackaged as a Xbox one headset. There was too large an effort on that headset for it not to carry over to the next gen. IMO

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      • Yah, agree with you on that one. For the price of some new plastic, could sell another 10K - 20K Warheads and maybe as much as 50K if you had a game tie-in. OK, that's prolly a stretch, but it would be virtually 'free' to release a branded Warhead, IF they really are 100% compatible on all features with new XBox, which MCZ originally said they would be, but gotta show me

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    • I would not expect to see redesigned headsets for XBoxOne. There's really no need; existing headsets should be very compatible with new platforms, and the engineering focus has moved to MOJO and Gamesmart.

      MIGHT see cosmetic updates to the headset line to align it with look of new consoles, or co-brand with hardware or new games. That's more of a marketing thing than an engineering thing. Changing the foam color is certainly easy enough.

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    • the annual reports sites in the year's highlites "started taking pre-orders for Gamesmart devices".

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