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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Oct 10, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Ironic that MCZ's biz has been focused on "passionate gamers" when MOJO's focus is on the casual gamers.

    A parent could fork over $500 for an XBOX ONE or $400 for a PS4 then spend $30-$70 on each game for those systems, or fork over $250 for a MOJO and spend $1-$5 per game.

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    • Why would a casual gamer spend $250 on a console that plays the same lo-quality games that they already have on their phones and tablets? A PS3 and Xbox are cheaper than that, with an enormous library of quality titles at reduced prices. Android games are also not made specifically for the Mojo, so there will be some fiddling, some incompatibility, some "not ideal" controlling solutions. The Mojo could be strong as a "whim" product; $250 is not a "whim" price.

    • Their XBox, PS4 and PC accessories are definitely aimed at the passionate gamer, the ones who ARE willing to invest $1000 in a full game setup and games. MCZ has generally avoided the very low ends in these markets, and has steadily pulled their brands up-market through better design and build

      Why would a companies products all have to target a specific segment? MOJO is going after a different market from their other product lines, the one that everyone was criticizing Darren a year ago for not pursuing more aggressively.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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