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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Oct 28, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Will the CTLR Controller be available separately from MOJO on the release date? That controller alone, with its ability to attach

    to a phone, is far more appealing to the masses than the MOJO.

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    • Agree. I think the release of the CTLR is at least as important as the MOJO. I DO still think that people are making too big a deal over the timing; the microconsole / ARM gaming market isn't really ready for prime-time yet. Of course, I'd love to have stuff out there for the holidays, if there wasn't too big a cost, but it's not going to kill the product; we're just at the very very early stages of this market.

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    • Agreed. And according the MCZ it was supposed to be released in the summer, well before the MOJO.

      If you look around you will see that there still isn't even an MSRP or shipping date out on the controller. Not sure what exactly that means, except that it is behind schedule.

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      • Hopefully it doesnt mean that DR messed up this time permanently.
        The LF Ultra is selling like hotcakes along with 19.99 programs
        The Nintendo 2DS and 3DS consoles $129-@$209 are bringing
        premiums on Amazon. I only hope that Karen can convince JB
        to make this a featured product on Amazon, then solve cash flow issues and can easily
        sell 1M units IMHO. I know at least 50-100K can be sold in Japan and Singapore
        right now. But does DR want the company to succeed or does he just want
        to do it his way. Look at his relationship with BBY, the company that has the $43 stock.

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