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  • yaomrd yaomrd Dec 18, 2013 3:42 AM Flag

    can anyone give me one positive in next 6-12 months? I can see for now 5 short term threthreatening negatives

    losses for years even when consoles were growing

    Cash depleted

    disasters this year loses including last qtr massive loss

    drop big time in Revenue even consoles and PC gaming growing

    Credit facikity violation and squeeze in money to invest in new products

    As said by CEO challenging console transition and we saw it in lack of numbers of new products

    as said by CEO limited potential in MOJO

    as said bt CEO, they were early in mobile accessories as mobile games are still designed for touchscreen


    TITANFALL GAME IN MARCH 2014 GOT NO HRRITAGE AND LIMITED PLATFORM, how many will pay for a branded PC mouse or headset fir this new game? it got no followers like Rockbang or Call of duty franchise

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    • Can you stop recycling this same "Can anyone give me one positive..." it has been done to death.

    • Let see.. you want 1 positive you say?
      Well everyone and anyone that reads this MB knows your an idiot bashing looser with/out a doubt.
      Hows that for a factual positive fool?

    • Most of the points you listed have ALREADY HAPPENED, so they're not threatening at all - the event is already reflected in the share price. Some ARE ongoing issues (lower-than-desired cash position), but some are not. Some aren't independent negatives; they're just symptoms of the same problem, such as the credit facility issue being tied to underlying cashflow.

      I think there are some significant positives for MCZ in the next 12 months for sure, with the bulk of the good news coming after 3/31, in FY2015 for MCZ.

      MOJO could eventually be an enormous product, based on the size of the universe for potential buyers. There's risk, because it might not catch on, or it could get swamped by competition, but it certainly has huge possiblities.

      The macro factors which have been a drag on MCZ for last 2 years, including the broad consumer economy and the console transition, are both trending positively now. Just on 'rising tide' theory, MCZ should see growth in sales. They've worked to reduce expenses considerably, and so the bottom line is easier to grow as top-line grows.

      There are plenty of risks, to be sure, the most significant in my mind being the resource constraints they're currently facing in regards to cash.

      Sentiment: Buy

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