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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Jan 24, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    Knowing that MCZ management reads this board, which gives me a chuckle, do you think they enjoy

    watching the share holders on here scramble for information? You'd think MCZ was working with the Pentagon. "NO INFORMATION FOR YOU!!!!

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    • How do you know that? Why would they read these boards? If they actually do, that's pretty sad.

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      • There has been some verbiage used by both MCZ management and a professional analyst on the conf call which greatly overlapped with some specific language used on this board; I'm somewhat sensitive to it, because it was from one of my postings just before a conf call last year.

        Can't KNOW anything for sure, but I suspect that this board is one of many inputs to the IR group, which is why I think we should have a thread which raises specific questions for them before next conf call.

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    • I don't think they really care. For better or worse, they're determined to plow ahead. It's actually one of the reasons I have lingering suspicions about MCZ ultimate goals as a corporation: they just don't seem to give a rat's #$%$ about attracting / retaining shareholders. There are definitely days when I think that all MCZ wants to be is the Goose that Laid the not-quite-golden egg for the executives - it can appear that they just want to keep the party going, and not try to move the share price forward.

      Maybe it's the wintry weather or this week's market performance, but I'm depressed and need some good news. I hope we hear SOMETHING of substance from MCZ soon.

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