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  • microcaptrader microcaptrader Feb 24, 2014 4:32 PM Flag

    Awful lot of high-fiving going on here considering the price is only back up to where it was in mid Jan.

    Remember that conversation we had on here about "anchoring" the price? Somebody managed to shake loose 3.35 million shares today. How many did they have to sell on the way down to get us to 35 cents?

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    • Picked up a bunch at .40 and now back to even for me. Let it ride!!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hopefully there is more to this feeding frenzy than the news of the CTRLi. Ya, as of September there were 200 million devices running iOS 7, but if someone in an office someplace is assuming MCZ will be selling controllers to 1% of iOS 7 users in 2014 he's going to be in for a big surprise when he discovers that MCZ only produced a few thousand of them during the quarter.

      The CTRLi is great news. Apple users actually pay for more software than Android users, and as a result they have more playable games. The real question is how many of these things are they going to produce, and where will they be selling them.

      And while we're at it, where is the stand alone CTRL^R? Reading the comments on the CTRLi story people are still clamoring for it. If they've sold 1,000 MOJOs to date they could have easily have sold 5,000 CTRL^R, even without a billboard.

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      • In my opinion, not a snowballs chance in H E double hockey sticks that this has anything to do with CTRLi. The timing doesn't work and neither does the ferocity and scale of the buying.

        It just seems to me that EVERYTHING about how the stock trades changed the evening of the most recent earnings release.

        No matter the motivation of the buyer, I am saddened that someone could actually get that many shares without driving the price to 70 -80 cents. However, my mood is brightened when I realize that today our market cap is still a petty 32ish million and that EXACTLY 25 months from now, Mad Catz could have a net CASH balance of about 32million.....and all they have to do is exactly what they've done the last couple three years. Think about it, after this March they will likely have a net debt of about 3 or 4 million, then after March, 2015 a net cash balance of 12 - 15million, then after March, 2016 perhaps 25-30million. Maybe this is what the market is finally starting to understand?

        Tomorrow should be interesting.

    • the share price is going up...for little guys like me and you...that's a good thing...

    • What the heck happened here the last hour of trading!!!! Really 20%. Well does it really matter, like you said 5 or 6 weeks ago we traded around these levels. Whoopee do

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