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  • scootr1971 scootr1971 Nov 6, 2012 4:00 PM Flag

    Time to regroup if your long....any calls on a bottom

    Bought some more today@ 1.62 will buy more closer to a $1. When does it stop?...I have no idea, so I just buy a little here then a little there (lower cost)...just keep hanging on. The need for fast transmission of data is not going lower without a cataclysmic event. More people, more devices, more data needs. That data has to be stored find it, it needs to be be accessed needs fast connections...Hold on...optics will crater when companies start cannibalizing each other.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • That's all fine but the company is the problem -- not the prospects for the industry. The incompetence of management is front and center. Hate to say it but if a bus ran over Mr. Couder the stock would go up $5.

    • Yes, people want more and faster but who wishes to pay more? Technological upgrades seem to be keeping up with requirements so no big build out round the corner. I see steady build out / upgrades as per the past few years. Too many optical companies supplying components so no scale, and no profit. we are in a death spiral and have been from the out.

      To have a profitable company, we would need to see huge consolidation. This is happening but too slowly, and I am not sure OCLR will make it to the end.

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