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  • notaldavis notaldavis Sep 12, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    So OCLR picked up $97MM cash today

    The problem I expect we'll all be aware of come Monday, is they likely burned around $70MM last quarter, and another $30MM ish so far this quarter.

    I fear it will be much like all that much-anticipated flood-related insurance money - already spent before we ever got it.

    Here's hoping I'm wrong!


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    • sean4te Sep 12, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

      Hey Al, I don't think it will be that bad. These guys have some good products with top tier customers and even with some market share loss, they should be growing overall revenue. With BK off the table, more customers will come back to them. Also, the digestion of the OPXT merger should be in the rearview mirror now with much cost restructuring already done. Also, remember OCLR is moving to a fabless model and even though margins will be hurt, it should be much easier to achieve profitability. I do see OCLR returning to profitability in the next 3-4 quarters with much help from the upcycle. I would not short this for a while. It's the turn of the LONG's to make some money....

    • What's all the negativity and bashing? You and river totally ignored the warning on this board that the comapny had been quiet because it was looking to sell some assets.
      Pretty sad, you couple are having a dismal day while us long are taking your money away to our banks

      Noticed, river has been silenced all day, wonder why??

      • 2 Replies to blooooooodsucker
      • Re: Noticed, river has been silenced all day, wonder why??

        Not silenced just been buried under the messages posted by the starry eyed Oclaro investors ... lol. "Load up the truck". "Short squeeze is coming". " the extinction event for the shorts" , "upgrades on their way", " sustained growth" "beginning of the up cycle" '.. heard it all before. True they averted bankruptcy by finding a buyer who diplomatically stated they would be able to leverage the Zurich platform where the Oclaro mgmt was unable to do so ... (smile) .But lets get real here, selling assets is not the same as selling products. Lets wait and see what the cc earnings will bring.

      • Mr. Sucker,

        My comments are hardly bashing; rather they are my opinion of what we'll hear on Monday.

        As for negativity, keep in mind this entity has shown a profit from operations exactly once in all its years of history. Now they are forced to sell critical assets to stay in business and pay off usurious loans.

        This company has been starved for good news for some time; I'm just not sure that what passes for good news here would apply to most companies.

        Finally, to end with something positive: Mr. Sucker, you have the greatest name of all OCLR shareholders.

        Monday evening will be interesting - best of luck to all!


    • vuk3306 Sep 12, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

      You may be wrong because you should of given the new CEO a chance.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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