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  • fool_dom fool_dom Aug 13, 1999 12:22 PM Flag

    While the market is screaming....

    While DOW is up by 150 point and NASDAQ is up by 70, this stock is 1/8 down. You all may be right in its long term value. But it doesnt give the comfort while holding. Too much of manipulation...

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    • s financials are not fantastic please state why im in the mood to debate this.

    • According to Bullsession & Schwab (65% & 63%)-- does this jive with what you folks who follow the stock know? I'm in only recently.

    • the 11/16 drop we saw on Friday was on extremely low volume it does not mean the 10q looked bad.

    • out around 16 because of another opportunity. I
      do most of my trading online but I also have a
      broker and when I first bought in I mentioned to him
      that he should check it out. Well yesterday I recieve
      a call from him and he says " I noticed you got out
      of OCLR and I thought I should let you know that you
      should get back in ASAP" I say "Why's that?" and he says
      "Well since you alerted me to OCLR in the first place I
      thought I should return the favor, so I'm HIGHLY
      recommending for you to get back in ASAP"
      I ask him what he
      knows and he says that he can't say but he's expecting
      BIG news SOON. So here I am back in OCLR, I'm no
      pumpndump artist, I just thought I should share this info
      with you guys, some of you may remember me and you can
      believe me or not, it makes no difference I'm simply
      passing on information.

      Good Day

    • RUMOR: Companies are looking at OCLR to buy them.
      As a business owner I would give my right hand to
      own a company that is generating enough growth and
      profit to pay back (in less than 5 years) the debt
      borrowed to buy them. This is OCLR at a 13 PE with double
      digit profits.

      A new 10% institutional
      owner, not 1% or 2% but 10%, in the last 30

      Rock solid double digit growth and profits.

      a 13 PE downside so minimal who cares if it goes
      down. If this is the case I will buy as much as I can
      and hopefully become a 5% owner!!!

      A more
      justified PE of 25 for OCLR can only be a stones throw
      away. Who in their right mind would sell an asset so
      cheap? This stock has rock solid value!

      This is
      the ground floor, the only other floor is the
      basement and then everything else is straight up. As for
      the basement we were there a few weeks ago. As you
      noticed we did not stay long nor have we gone back.
      Patience while the elevator loads for the ride to the top.

    • I haven't done a fine tooth comb on your figures
      but they look pretty close, as I guessed an easy $36
      share price for OCLR under current market conditions.
      Add into that the probability OCLR is likely to reach
      the mid teens next week it seems to offer excellent
      buying oportunity.

      Thank you for your

      SPD Lomax

    • I happen to know that you got out at 19 9/16!

    • <EOM>

    • is anything below $38/share of OCLR.

      to Projected '99 earnings ratio:
      BOL = 24.5 P/E
      (at $68.4/share)
      OCLR = 12 P/E (at

      OCLR at a P/E of 24.5 = $38/share

      below $30/share is an easy decision for BOL. The
      question becomes should OCLR accept such an offer. I think

    • what the 10Q had to offer! Could see low 16's!

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      • OCLR has performed well after an over-reactive
        correction earlier this year. Keep in mind it is a small cap
        and not looked at as often. When it is it will
        receive a much higher PE and price!

        Ask yourself
        if this was your company and the revenues and
        profits were as good would you sell at such a low price?
        If you would let me know, I will buy!!!!

        is a very strong and well run company. It had it's
        glory and some people got burned on a market
        correction. So what! Time heals all wounds and so do profits
        and revenue increases like we are seeing.

        is August. If you look at the technicals there are
        people positioning themselves very STRONGLY for 30 - 45
        days from now. You have a new institutional investor
        who registed a SEC 13Q and went into position #2 from
        nowhere and nows owns 10%. Ask yourself why. Again look
        at the numbers. THEY ARE GREAT. The main reason
        people are here is because they are trying to make a
        profit. If you could make a return like OCLR does you
        would be kissing the ground in thanks.

        it runs in circles and with their profits and
        revenues growing it is only a matter of time. Rest assured
        one thing if it goes down BUY BUY BUY. At such a low
        PE your risk is low, because when it gets to low
        institutions start gobbling up for all the right reasons.

        The only suggestion I woul dhave is for OCLR to
        promote themselves better to raise their value. But with
        patience and research more people will come on board at
        such attractive numbers. If not who cares I love
        owning rock solid stocks that are VERY profitable, I
        have plenty of time!!!!

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