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  • oldeyeguy oldeyeguy Aug 13, 1999 5:20 PM Flag

    While the market is screaming....

    right on...see my earlier comments on
    valuation...the only ones bitching now are the momentum guys
    looking to make a few bucks and then run...they dont
    know,understand nor care about long term value of anything...oclr
    is a steal for anyone under 700 mil...the only thing
    i disagree with you about is your comment about
    oclr not being known....they have had 9 analyist
    covering them for the past year...a heck of a lot of
    coverage for a 150 mil company....about the same number as
    agn and bol who are 15 to 20 times their
    fact a couple months ago i saw that they were 80%
    institutionaly owned....their problem now is creditability with
    the street....they must earn back this respect
    again,and this will take time....a few good quarters and a
    fundamental regaining of respect for contact lens companies
    will do the trick....of course, they could decide to
    sell...good luck.

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    • I agree with the observation regarding analyst
      and taking time for OCLR to find it's own. Patience =
      profits when a stock is trading so low. I would far
      rather own a OCLR at 13 PE with great profits and
      revenues that a RHAT with no profits and a HUGH downside.

      Again who would you rather own as a
      business owner a well run, double digit revenue and profit
      generating company or one losing money and built on internet
      hype??? When the market goes south so will those internet
      stocks so overvalued and look out the money will be
      looking for a new home.

      My broker said buy AOL
      when it was in the mid $100's (2 months ago) look
      where it is today and look in the same time where OCLR
      is. A low PE and GREAT bargan.

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      • Yahoo shows that BOL is projected to earn
        $2.79/share this year which amounts to about $162M. OCLR is
        projected to earn $1.55/share which amounts to about $36M.
        Thus, BOL could improve their earnings by 22% by buying
        OCLR. $700M or about $30/share of OCLR seems like a
        cheap price for a 22% earnings boost. In other words by
        paying about 5.6% of their market cap BOL can improve
        earnings by 22%. This seems like a smart move to me.

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