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  • breezerwave breezerwave Mar 27, 2013 3:01 AM Flag

    Gilead is the heavyweight and Achillian the small cap Hep C buyout candidate

    Still don't see any value in Idenix. Glad I sold out. Despite those that disagreed a month ago and more, the stock of Idenix is now worse than then. With Gilead now being deemed first to file in the patent dispute odds are that Gilead also was first to invent. As to Achillion, unlike Idenix whereby the trial drugs have #$%$ out (risked out, etc.) and been shelved Achillion's are still moving forward.

    Pharmasset was purchased by Gilead for $11B. As Gilead frees itself from the patent dispute the odds of a buyout for Achillion increase. Funds in Gilead's hands not headed to Idenix for any royalties will be available for Gilead to purchase more Hep C assets. There are over 6 types of Hep C and certainly no one yet can predict which of all the currently either available FDA approved or in trial drugs will end up working best.