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  • jupiter_symphony33 jupiter_symphony33 Sep 18, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    more shorts attacking the board

    Used to be that the only short on this board was Jabber, the self-declared "non-short" who "has no position."

    But recently I've noticed a lot more short posters trying to spread panic and cast doubt on IDIX as a company.

    You can smell the fear in these short posts, which I can only take as a very positive sign, on a board where shorts don't usually feel the need to put in an appearance.

    My favorite message by a short so far is the one by the guy who said "I don't want to start any rumors, but maybe Seth Klarman is selling his position."

    lol. classic. In the end that's the kind of thing a short is reduced to spouting here because otherwise he finds himself in the rather precarious position of claiming that he has a better handle on IDIX than Klarman does, and that's why he's short.

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    • I went short today. The once more $40m increase in market was all I could take. If you could provide a reason why this company is worth more than $780m do tell and I will consider covering my position.

    • I believe you are referring to my post. While I understand your sentiment, you should know that you are wrong about my intentions. I own shares of IDIX and am long IDIX. I was merely concerned that with such large spikes in volume, it looked like the only people with that many shares to sell would be institutions, including Klarman.

      You can choose not to believe me, I have no real need to convince you, just thought that if I were you, I'd like to know I was wrong. If you read my past posts, they should support my views as a long.

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      • gil, my mistake. glad to hear you are long, as I think that will be the much more profitable position in the end.

        unless Klarman has changed his investment philosophy, I find it highly unlikely he has done any selling. first you must consider the size of his stake in IDIX and the fact that he added on what others considered bad news rather than reducing. Then consider the fact that IDIX is, for him, a more speculative holding. He has explained that he does not take more speculative positions unless he expects massive gain from them. I don't think Klarman will begin unloading until IDIX is well into the double digits. But of course his holding time is much longer than most Yahoo message board posters who, from what I can tell, are almost all short term traders. I have no doubt Klarman will still be in IDIX when this is trading over 20; but I imagine only the smallest number of posters on this board will be along for the ride at that point. Most will either sell out of panic or out of impatience.