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  • livermore2011 livermore2011 Apr 28, 2011 5:42 PM Flag

    Cramer said buy this stock? Silly product

    Never buy anything based upon what Cramer says, go to and do research, read how to make money in stocks and study Jessie Livermore.

    I'm guilty, I owned it for a month around ten mothns ago, then I said to myself, what if everyone wakes up all at once a realizes it's a silly product, so I sold.

    These days I'm into CVH, IPGP, WBC, they all have solid winds at their back.

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    • "...what if everyone wakes up all at once a realizes it's a silly product..."

      Wow, I wonder what you think of LULU.

    • if you study charts you would have been long up till today. as for livermore, why would you look up to him as mentor. he killed himself. self destruction. over his relationship with his son, which was trading related. also, livermore was a tape reader not a chartist or a technitian. his most famous words were " buy stocks that go up" if you followed him you would have been long .

      PS: I am and always will be bearish this stock. have not had any trades on. looking to short a call spread in the am

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      • Wiki:
        "On March 28, 1933, Livermore married 38 year old Harriet Metz Noble in Geneva, Illinois; there was no honeymoon. It was Harriet's fifth marriage; all four of her previous husbands had committed suicide"

        On a serious note, Livermore just prove that there is no methodology for individual investors which works in stock market all the time. He was just one out of millions kissed not ones but twice by the fortune. And killed just ones but that's enough. Einstein by the way also played on stock market at this time. And lost.

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