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  • jaquecroissant jaquecroissant Mar 14, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    For Pinkerton:

    Pinkerton, Since you are a footwear expert, I think you should give us some picks that will outperform the market for the next year. Please give us 5 or more footwear stocks that you think will outperform the S&P over the next year. I will track them so that we can all check in next March to see how they are doing.

    You don't have to limit your picks to footwear. I'll allow you to pick 5 or more stocks from any sector you wish. We will assume you are bluffing if you don't give us any picks to follow.

    The rules are simple. 5 or more picks to be bought and held for exactly 1 year. Inception date will start when you make your picks public.

    Thanks and good luck!

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    • MY picks:


      LULU made the growth numbers but not my valuation criteria. If it's peg gets below 1 it is a buy. At this point it is WAY too expensive.

    • Geez Jacque - I was only stating my opinion. I never said I was an expert but I do bring many years of experience in footwear including sourcing, sales, product development, etc.

      Honestly I couldn't and wouldn't pick 5 footwear stocks to tout. In today's market there are only a few that are standing out. Clarks is doing well. Nike always does well. Any company that is selling vulcanized rain boots is doing well. As you mentioned Coach is doing ok as are several fashion lines.

      Since you asked me to pick 5 stocks to hold for the next year I'm happy to take a stab - realize that I am a conservative investor. I like:

      T or VZ
      APPL but not at these levels

      Feel free to track them. Like I said I'm conservative. If you like a good bio gamble look at KERX.

      Also feel free to flame me for my "educated" opinions LOL as you already have. It's people like you who keep serious investors from taking the Yahoo boards seriously.

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      • haha, aapl, but not at these levels? that is hilarious....

        intc has a peg ratio of 1.3

        ibm at 1.24

        emr at 1.25

        mon at 1.99

        t at 1.73

        and apple at .68!!! and selling at what, 5x cash? aaple from a peg ratio perspective is about half as expensive as the average of the other stocks you mentioned.

        please tell me what metric you are using to conclude that apple is expensive. share price?? runup?? apple is DIRT cheap. you'll be very very hard pressed to find a company with a peg of .68.

      • OK, I appreciate your honesty. I actually like and already own a few of your picks(INTC,AAPL). All I'm trying to do here is make people accountable. I agree that yahoo finance isn't a great place to learn. Yes, there are the occasional boards and posts that are worthwhile. I much prefer Marketocracy and Motley Fool Caps for obvious reasons.

        My whole point is that DECK has fantastic stats. They just reported record rev's and eps. It is in the company of names like AAPL, ISRG, LULU, QCOR, RGR, PCLN, and others. You should be thinking more about stats as opposed to your "opinion". The numbers do the talking. If I just bought on pure intuition I would be in serious trouble.

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