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  • indian8788 indian8788 Apr 22, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    $70/share tom

    I think retail is the strongest sector for the next few years Jaques. Cars are in trouble with my generation as student loan debt and lack of great paying jobs are going to be putting cars on the backburner in order to save money. Housing is going to be dead for a long time as people will be living with other peole more again due to the lack of jobs and student loan debt. They,we, need to save money. Cars and housing are the two easiest things to save money on by A) not buying a car but using mass transit and B) not buying a house but sharing. Is it ideal? No, but it is the new reality for now.

    Retail though is going to get the cash. People will have the extra money that they saved from not buying cars and houses to spend on clothing and food. Those two sectors will do great. I would not invest in any brick and mortar companies like Best buy, gamestop, etc as these companies are dead. Amazon is destroying both these guys. For example, I have a playstation 2 that I havent used in awhile and decided today to buy some more games and start using it a bit more when I have nothing better to do. So I went to gamestop and perused the used games section. Found the few games that interested me. Then went to Amazon and bought the games off Amazon for a third to a fifth of the price gamestop was charging. Both were used. Amazon is killing these brick and mortar retailers but they can;t kill companies like Deckers and Under Armour imo. Retail is the strongest sector. You need food, clothing, and shelter. Shelter has fundamentally changed with kids moving out later, getting married later, and moving in together more in general. Food is getting cheaer and cheaper(desite the fale idea that it is rising). People are obsessed with image and clothing is priority after those two, but the large portion of income is spent on it by this new generation as the other costs have gone down with the new way of living.


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    • Amazon sells UGGs at full retail price, so this trend will benefit DECK.

    • Indian, I'm sort of a real life example myself. I don't plan on getting a new car anytime soon. I also enjoy shopping for new clothes. I'm certainly more likely to buy nice clothes and shoes at this point.

      I may buy a used truck next as my next vehicle but it be be a few years.

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      • I don't own a car either, use mass transit. that alone is an exta 200-300 in my pocket a month when you include insurance and this is going on on a massive scale across America. I really like UPS for that reason too as lots of people who don;t have card are just getting companies with cars(trucks) to deliver the items to their house. One saves time by shopping at home and one saves gas. I'm excited about the future where the cost of living and the abundance of time one will have will finally let people live a little bit.


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