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  • indian8788 indian8788 Apr 28, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    My take-outlook

    munster, I appreciate the compliment that you make a point of seeking out to read my posts. Nice to be appreciated for the effort ut in to point out the facts.

    I believe you are doing precisely what they want you to do; SELL. It's just simply a mistake. Wall street knows that retail/regular joe schmo doesn;t have the heart to do investing right; with patience.

    A lot of kids/peole wish they could play oker, act, or do whatever for a living because they see it on TV and it looks great. They don;t realize that hours are put in everyday for weeks, months, and years to be able to grind out a living doing what these passionately love.

    Wall street knows that the dentist, the lawyer, the ups guy, the small business owner, has his mind on other things and is not passionate nor patient enough for the most part tow in at this game and yet these guys continuously play the game the wrong way over and over again. This is not a casino. One is not just investing in the next HOT thing and that is the way to make money.

    The way to make money is to find companies like DECKERS that have a defining product(UGG boots), good management, and good growth. This company even if it were to sto growing (which it hasn;t) is still one of the handful of the comanies in the world that makes roughly 200M in profits a year or more and is able to retain a large portion every year as cash that can be used to buy back shares on the cheap as the company is currently doing all the while expanding.

    We are in a terrible uncertain economy. Yet, this company was able to make a record 199M in profits last year, able to retain 265 M in cash and use just 35% of it to buyback what will end up being almost 2m shares(6%) of the comany, and still be able to retain 165M at the end of 2012. The company is able to sell 200 dollar boots in this uncertain economy and hit record high's in sales which will be surpassed again this year.

    The key to investing is to be atient and not voerthing drastic price movements. I'm glad to have learned this at a young age with Under Armour for which I have been invested in for awhile and remaining atient for a long time.


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