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  • biggunnz123 biggunnz123 Sep 21, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    Angel Martinez

    if he is confident in his company why not say quiet and keep buying back at these low prices, and if he is about investors not traders then say quiet Angel...

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    • Biggunz, another guy with a brain. finally someone who gets it. He IS maximizing shareholder value by staying quiet and I'd much rather a CEO who is concerned with managing the company then trying to put out false fires every other day in the market. Amateur investors, or idiots as some call them, believe that every day, month, or year is a referendum on a company. If that were the case, no company would go up 50% in a year or down 50% as it would have been automatically quantified months and years ahead. Every day is all noise. There are sellers and believe it or not buyers for Apple stock at the moment. Not all buyers. Stocks fluctuate. There are always people coming and going. It is up to you to decide how much a company is worth, not a CEO. Not Angel Martinez's job to tell you to buy his stock. That is NOT what he gets paid to do you morn. His job is to manage a company and the stock prie will take care of itself over time. Read some books will you. Educate YOURSELF!


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      • Spitting, why would I have sold a company that I have held for a handful of months just because it got CHEAPER in value. You watch way too much CNBC, believeing ping in and out. You sir have made no money in the market. I can ascertain this by thinking you ar insulting me for HOLDING what is currently a losing position.

        OH NO, what am I going to tell peole when they ask me how I'm doing with my DECK investment? I can't retend its u and I'm making a fortune all the time. What will the people at CNBC with imaginary winning positions all the time and clearly yourself think of me. THEY ARE ALWAYS WINNING, always seeming to manage ick stocks and watch them go up, with absolutely no patience. THEY have figured out somehow to call every bottom, and pick winning stocks every time, making money hand over fist, by never holding a stock that went down(selling at losses yet somehow making profits??#$%$ lol. You sir are a fool and out of your league.


      • this coming from the #$%$ who has been long, not booking any profits, since $120.....yeah, ok, i'll go educate myself......idiot.

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