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  • biggunnz123 biggunnz123 Sep 21, 2012 9:54 AM Flag

    here we go again

    hated by everyone

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    • Totally agree, the shorts own it, till they don't...ant move to the upside is quickly beat down. fundies don't matter in stocks like these just look at JCP if you don't believe

    • I'm trying not to be overly dramatic today; Rarely am I'm involved in such magnitude a drama as this...really not since Sirius was trading for "pennies", and I had to average-down big at $.14-cents; But the dynamics are the same, save for the pristine balance-sheet here, micro-number of shares and a few other biggies. But the short-kill lobby is the same! I don't believe SIRI ever had a 30% short-float though!

      I'm tired of the "drama" here, "whether Martinez should defend the stock" or "the sort-cartel heck-bent on decimating the stock; Maybe be true, maybe not, who knows about things that are pure conjecture.

      So, that points me to strategy...this stock is very-hard to day-trade, b/c of the volatility, but at this point, my particular strategy is to sell-half during the day, and wait! I'll retain my full position EOD, and in the meantime, look to average-down on a decrease in PPS. I don't know where the bottom may be: $38.58 of yesterday? $38? $35? $32? $28? $25? $10?

      Yeah, some of the lower number may be considered extreme and absurd, yet I've seen such in the market before. But I'm just relaying my intra-day strategy to benefit from this sharp-decline. It's risky, b/c this issue moves so fast, and it can easily trick-you into a "buy-now" upward tick; But it's also pretty clear that we are no where near breaking the short-noose of this downtrend. We've had big-high-volume dumps, new 52-wk lows, and it doesn't bode well for the stock; The charts and intra-day action hasn't issued a clear bottom signal.

      Take today for instant...there's absolutely no indication that this pounding is near an ending; We failed in the $39.35 region, and volume has picked-up to the downside from roughly 500k at $39 to now 727k in the high $39.70 region! That's a lot of "selling-and-short-selling" at $39, so I see no reason to "jump-all-in-here"; DECK the stock will tell you when we've put-in a bottom, and so far, $39.58 remains in-play, imo. As I write, volume has stabilized in the $39.80 region, so one may nibble, but if $39.70 is breached, look for $39.50, and then we can make further observations.

      This day-trading around a core sucks, imo. I dislike it profusely b/c I expressly got-into this stock NOT to have to do it. But I'm fighting for financial survival here, and I'll do what I have to do to "preserve and increase capital"!

      GLTUA longs; Haters, schemers and short-sellers have made their bed!

      Long until pay-off!

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      • Mid-day update; Selling the big big here; Just saw 8k go through from $38.69/67 Volume seems to be churning around this level; $38.58 was hit earlier today, the exact low from yesterday; A break below that, and I look to see what happens at $38! All-in-all a pretty boring day with DECK, but you can sense that shorts are "licking-their-chops" at the ease here; Bottom-line and my take-away is "we simply aren't there yet" for a long-strong position. Apparently from the way it is trading, we need lower prices to entice buyers! Sad, but apparently true!

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