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  • american_chariot american_chariot Sep 25, 2012 4:12 PM Flag

    Closed near LOD on high-volume.

    At the end of the day, whoever is out, most probably made a good decision, based on a number of factors.

    1) Huge, high-volume dumping past x7 days, always bodes for more lows; Volume tells all...And we nearly closed at the lows end-of-day!
    2) Shorts sweet-spot, with broad Market way over-extended and due for a big 10% correction.
    3) Still not cold enough for sales....
    4) Management says nothings....
    5) Big short-lobbies are attacking here, from Cramer and his buds, to Stern-Agee led analyst, Poser and their assault.
    6) There also seems to be a limitless supply on the bid being sold. Every good-effort attempt at buying the ask, some 5k to 10k to 20k, is immediately shot-down with a vengeance. This tells me it is probably being naked-short-sold, and when that is occurring, there is a LIMITLESS supply to be sold! LIMITLESS.

    No, base my trading/investing on what the Market is telling me. I see $32 for Deck before we see any buy-side interest that could begin to overcome this huge pressure. If things really get fugly, $28!

    Again, been trading/investing nearly x10 years, and this is one of the most profound losses I've experienced in that time.

    However, I'm stubborn and won't give-up; I would however, sell half my position tomorrow, and buy-it-back based on how low we go...but beware, they've gapped this down some 5-days accumulated total, plus, would have to go-back and look!

    From the get-go, I look at a) amount of shares 2) debt load 3) COH 4) appeal and seasonality 5) growth! 6) insider buying. With all these points getting high-high marks, never thought this could happen to this type stock. It's certainly more than just "selling"; It's a coordinated destructive assault!

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