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  • cwebjohn cwebjohn Oct 2, 2012 7:40 PM Flag

    Share Repurchase Strategy

    I respectfully disagree, because I believe buying back stock below intrinsic value is a much better prospect. Management is looking at 2015 as their marker right now. They could care less about what short-term traders are feeling right now.

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    • what on earth are you talking about "couldn't care less about short-term traders". are you kidding? this stock was at $120 a year ago! this stock should be at $120 right now. DECK gave options to employees that i assume are basically worthless. this affects not only shareholders but employees as well and morale also. not too mention the negative articles that flow.

      it's been a year already since this fiasco started. this short position is like a fungus. not too mention that deck bought a crapload of stock (like $200 million worth) at around $80 and $60! it's like half price now -- now please tell me how that is a good thing again? they spent two times what the current price of the assets they bought are. they simply underestimated what they were up against.

      but like i said, its over now. at this point the only thing that matters is that people gobble up the incredible shoes and styles that DECK produced and they are marvelous. the most important thing is that they have expanded the UGG brand into a full brand with hundreds of items and styles and have awesome stores. and the stock is a rock bottom and has a couple of big players increasing positions on the long side. i'm quite positive about the stock and especially positive about the UGG line.

    • Misohowney, you're grasp on the statistics and numbers are pretty horrifying as well as the way you choose to look at things for the most part.

      Management had created for itself an oppurtunity to get to a position where they were sitting on 227M in cash and NO DEBT. The stock had already sold off from 120 at that point and was trading in the 80's when management proceeded to annoucne that they would be instituting a buy-back of 100M over the course of the year. This didn't stop whoever wanted to slaughter long term holders and short term traders in the short term, it afforderded management to make the executive decision to blow through the rest of the buyback in 3-5 short months at around 60-62 AVG per share.

      Management has then announced two months ago that the company blew through all the original 100M and would not institute ANOTHER 200M dollar buy-back throughou the rest of this year. So how you get that management somehow messed up is beyond me. Seems to me Angel Maritinez and Ziv Zohar had this mind already at the first buy-back and have now gotten lucky to implement the 200M, half on borrowed money at 1/3rd the price of the stock 7 months previous.

      How people keep questioning this management based on short term price swing(short term being less than 2 years) is beyond me. It is always the typical amateur investor who still has not learned that this isn;t a scratch off ticket. There are no instant rewards. There are smart investors and stupid investors. Those who grab oppurtunity when it befalls them and those who shun them. There are always people who Bwhine and moan and there are people like me who get down and dirty.

      The one's who whine and moan never learn, they go on through life whining about the same things, how it was this ones fault and that ones. The winners are wherever they want to be. They got down and dirty.


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