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  • siriadvisor siriadvisor Oct 25, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    This quarterly report...

    This quarterly report really can't hope to give us much; It's guidance and forward projections that can propel! If one leaves it to "sales-revenue" for 3rd-quarter, I wouldn't expect much; But, 4th-quarter guidance and beyond is what can salvage, then enrich, the PPS!

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    • Maybe if such solid Ugg Classic sales can be proven in this report, then $35 can be a floor, and that "next-2-years's growth" you speak of can be taking place from hence!

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      • perhaps. but i'm not really concerned about the stock going under $35 for any significant period of time. my feeling is that the stock has been destroyed beyond recognition (it was $110 a year ago) and that this is the floor right here, and i believe so regardless of whether earnings are absolutely terrible or not. no long holder of any significance is going to sell their stock anywhere close to this price -- not with the work that has been put in over the past two years and the prospects that this company has which are plainly evident in a quick perusal of one of its stores. like i said, the only question is when new money comes in long. that's the question. the price of this stock has already attracted a couple of big players on the long side. time will tell...

    • nothing is going to matter, not earnings, nor guidance. whoever is betting against this company is going to continue to keep bashing the price. the ONLY thing that is going to matter is large scale buying by new players, the successful showing that the uggs brand is transitioning from over reliance on the ugg classic line, and continued buybacks from the company, and those things are going to take a while. thats my two cents.

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      • I couldn't agree more; A Co. doesn't get 48% short-interest, with the likes of an IBD offering it as a "text-book, classic, double-top short" for nothing! That's why I've said repeatedly, "the short-noose has to be broken somehow", and that's why I've felt short-changed with the CEO not attacking the "Posners of the world", if in fact, if his premise that Ugss are no longer fashionable is not true, which from my experience, is a totally fabricated and manufactured non-truth, then this report must make that clear!

    • Well said. Forward looking is more important than current earning. WS is alway looking forward. So far, a hour into the trading, the volume is a little heavier compared to the last 10 days. good sign.

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