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  • h_pinkerton h_pinkerton Oct 26, 2012 3:48 PM Flag

    Jacquestrap am I still on ignore?

    Remember you put me on ignore when I warned you of exactly what was going to happen this quarter? I believe the first warning came when the stock was in the 80's and the 2nd warning came when the stock was in the 40's. I became the bad guy because I pointed out the sales slow down, the margin deterioration, the increase in inventories and the retailer's response. I note that you are silent now but just want to suggest that in the future when someone has information more than "I saw a pair of Uggs today" you might consider listening.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Don't rub-it-in my friend! Cousteau has "taken-a-dive"! I'm on ignore too (under a different pen-name), but my fault was bitter sarcasm!

      Hopefully Angel has enough sense to un-load the Co. before it's proven too late, but I don't rest easy with that notion, of him having that much prescience!

      I'm bleeding here and in great pain!

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      • are right - I shouldn't rub it in. However as one who has spent his entire career in the footwear industry I tried constructively to post my "educated" opinions and for my efforts I was abused by many. No I don't take glee in anyone losing money in the market and I've lost my fair share over the years. But as an industry insider it was easy to predict what would happen this quarter. I didn't have inside info but I did have real time sales info from many of DECK's major customers as well as the experience to know almost exactly what was happening.

        Good luck to you.

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