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  • parkchair parkchair Nov 8, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

    half the boots on zappos most popular are now uggs

    dont think that massive amounts of upside insurance aren't being taken out for nothing...

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    • I hear you...I know that...we know that, but yet, so what? Sorry, it's starting to get-to-me! Yeah, I know sales are good and the boots are every bit as popular as they ever were, but so what? That's what the PPS is saying!

      I'd almost wish it would just dump so low ($15 or $10) that I could afford to mortgage the house and get so many shares that success couldn't be denied; But instead, we get this Chinese water-torture-drip-drip, dump-dump, with a few mini-runs thrown-in for good measure!

      At least DDS can pull-in some consistent, beat-the-Street numbers and be a AAA-5-Star stock! Absolutely outstanding job Mr. Dillards! Thanks for giving shareholders reason to "believe in the Market"; DECK on the other hand, is really like an "invasive cancer" that once you think surgery has removed most of the mass, a seed/kernal takes root, and it starts metastasizing yet again,...and as the days tick-by, you wonder how much it will spread, how severe the contagion will be, and wondering if radiation/chemotherapy will "stop-the-dis-ease"????

      Everyone will get giddy again when we get back to $32! That's the neurotic psychology of "relativity success", almost like when you "love your killer holding you under the basement of his house, because he lets you put your face up to the window pane for the first time in 8-weeks, to let sun shine on your face"; Only for a moment, your killer's not so bad, the sun feels so good, yet there you sit in his lair, wondering when the kill will come!

      On a similar basis, just think how "joyfully happy we'd be if this was trading $35 today"? Normally such a price would be "ledge-jumping material", but now, in our world, we'd be prostrate, giving praise of joy and thanks-giving to the Wall-Street Gods for such good luck!

      It's painful to be in such a position, whether it's this stock, cancer or a killer! All the same feeling....

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