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  • bobwins_o_phile bobwins_o_phile Nov 13, 2012 2:56 PM Flag

    overpriced junk may not sell well in the coming recession

    Who is going to overpay for sheepskin crud?

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    • Obviously you must be blind. Just look around. As the weather is getting colder UGGS are all over the place. People will cut back in many places, but the women who want them will get them. I have 2 daughters in college and they are telling me that they are as popular as ever. This is a quality brand, not a fad.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I agree Frog, and you've never heard me complain about "Uggs not being hot sellers" or "selling well" and "still in fashion, big time"; But we've got other problems, that Angel needs to address, beside recent mis-stepping! That would be this short-lobby-cartel! These aren't "sellers" way down at this level, they are "hell-bent-short-sellers", shorting and naked shorting! I'm sure you heard "Cramer's Code" yesterday, with his "6-in-60"...well, he was almost forced to speak, or try to speak optimistically about DECK, b/c it was the featured hot-stock, but all he could muster to say was that..."boy, this thing has been shorted every which way it can be"...and when pressed further about Uggs enjoying good sells again, we said..."yeah...I guess so". That's hardly a ringing endorsement, b/c he knows, from being in the Wall-Street loop, that this one is "in-the-cross-hairs". You don't have and maintain over 40% short-interest in a stock, with no debt, growth and not too many shares...and if you do, then you have a "short-lobby-cartel" trying to control-crush the stock, and they've succedded thus far. Look at the weight of Posner's trash-talk (some of it proved to be true, almost all excpet the part about Ugss not being fashionable, and Jeffries upgrade and repeated reiterations! Jeffries re-iterated again today, and look where we are?

        Angel is being challenged here, and he must rise to the occasion! There are a number of ways to do this, but he must put-on fighting gloves and come-out fighting hard. So far I'm very un-impressed. He sat down with Barron's recently and convinced them to maintain their "buy rating", but they trimmed their target down to the 40's, from the $70's! Then he gets Jeffries to be "the big bull", but Jeffries is getting sold to Leucadia, and apparently they don't carry that much weight, b/c their upgrade and two days of re-iterations has fallen limp, if not downright negative now!

        It appears DECK won't even have a seasonal run! That's being a bit pessimistic, but I'm just relaying what the current PPS is saying! I really don't know...all I know is that Angel's worth is being determined right-here, right-now! So far, the much for that big-open-Market purchase at $45.90! He's sucking worse than me with his entry price at that price! Now even $30 is being shown to be vulnerable! Next where, without positive intervention and a big cliff to fall from? $28, then what?

        Help, help, SOS! Do something Angel!

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