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  • cwebjohn cwebjohn Nov 14, 2012 10:31 PM Flag

    Should UGG be spun off?

    I have been researching some ideas on how to get value out of a product that the market does not seem to value in the same way the ownership values a company and this idea came up.

    My plan entails a spin-off of the UGG brand, which I believe can be run on its own. Instead of sapping capital to grow the Teva/Sanuk brands, UGG could run on its own and trade on the market accordingly.

    Or does Angel believe Deckers provides the synergies between the brands to compensate for a singular focus a spin-off would provide?

    With Teva/Sanuk I believe each of these companies could be incubated Both of these brands offer more of an athletic/outdoor focus.

    I believe a spin-off of the company could be profoundly profitable if UGG is provided the capital to create that singular... I am just curious if anyone has thought about this idea.

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    • I don't want to be too frank or curt but that is just ridiculous. If I believed that DECKERS was only UGGS from here on out, I wouldn;t be here. Angel is aware this brand has to branch out and over the last coule of years the comany has made aquisitions. It is the popularity of UGG boots that I believe can lead consumers to discover other great products made by DECKERS.

      To spin off one, is to ultimately if not speedily kill off the other brands. They are all aert of one company. While one day certain products may be the bad, in a few years those same companies can be the biggest sellers. Ugg boots are a showcase of the quality producs Dekcers can make.


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