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  • cwebjohn cwebjohn Nov 18, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    Motley Fool article

    "With Uggs knockoffs selling at Old Navy's Black Friday sale for $14 and Steve Madden boots at $99 plus flying off the shelves at Macy's, Nordstrom, and Designer Shoe Warehouse, Deckers must be truly quaking in their boots"

    Are they joking? Seriously? A $14 boot is going to compete with top of the line quality in materials? Do they actually think those shopping at Old Navy are going to buy the UGG boots as it is? I mean, who writes this drivel? There simply is no comparison between the two products.

    Really, Deckers is quaking in their boots? It would seem this author is holding a large amount of Steve Madden stock. I find it ridiculous when authors negate research for anecdotes.

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    • CWEjohn, I've learned that as humans we are sometimes conditioned to treat other people as equally intelligent or knowledgeable at first take. Once they open their mouths or articles, they remove that "favorable" impression.

      I've learned that just because someone somehow gets an article publsihed on motley fool or seekingalpha doesn;t mean they actually know anythng. Anybody can ut together certain statistics or recent press releases etc but a lot of people/investors have difficulty with reasoning and logic.

      This author you mention shows it himself. You and I clearly see that the people buying the $14 boot were never in the sights of Deckers corporation. Old Navy targets lower income, Deckers is a luxury brand.

      It's nothing to worry about. Ideally, we wish everybody could afford the product but part of the "luxury"
      of deckers is that it is REAL SHEEPSKIN and not everybody CAN afford a pair. Some people are just stupid, I've learned it CWEJOHN and now you have. Now we just wait for DECKERS to come back and set new all-time high's in the coming years. Price Target $200/share.


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