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  • parkchair parkchair Nov 21, 2012 8:28 AM Flag

    believe it

    indian, you are one of those people who doesn't know what you are talking about, and in addition, do not know that you do not know what you are talking about. that's why you sound like such a pompous fool.

    first you deny that the buyback was designed to buoy the stock price, which is childish, and then in order to give some explanation for the buyback, you suggest that the buyback was designed as an investment in buying back cheap stock, and was a good investment!, which it wasn't because the stock is half as cheap as when it was bought, as we now know in hindsight, and which everyone but you, can readily admit.

    you say things like "if starbucks can have a pe of blah blah, then deck is certainly worth blah blah" which show exactly your level of analysis. you are the kind of guy who posts things like "dell is cheaper than yahoo because dell is $9 a share and yahoo is $18".

    please do everyone a favor on this board and stop posting. you're on ignore with me at this point...

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    • I see you like to pick and choose what I write and then what you therefore hear/read/understand.

      Again, the Buyback is STILL GOING ON. When you look at the buyback TODAY, of coursse it would be to go back in the past and initiate it now. But that is how children think. I'm an adult and realize that there is no going back into the past. But my point is that we are still buying back 115M worth of shares at current what is less than 35/share. 35% of our buyout money will be spent on purchasing shares less than 36/share most likely, why should I be mad about that?

      When I say the buyback will be looked at as great years from now, thats what I mean. I and the rest of the other investors with a brain(clearly not yourself as you can't comrehend what I am saying) will be thanful that management used 300M of our money to buy-back shares at what will amount to less than 45/share.

      No, you idiot, I don't MEAN it looks great today. I, unlike you, don't believe management has the ability to buy at a bottom and the stock will always be higher than where we bought at initially. That is not a real investors belief. You didn't buy at the bottom and are clearly down money on your shares like everyone else, why is management expected more than YOURSELF? Clearly you're so brilliant.

      I'll tell you why; because it impossible to call a bottom. By virtue of this being a stock market, where anybody can buy and sell at whatever price they want, it is rendered impossible. But it doesn't mean its a bad long term investment to buy back those shares at an avg of less 45/share. Otherwise what are you doing here if you believed that. You sir are an idiot. I only respond to protect other people from thinking that your opinion 1)matters and 2) has any real basis behind it(it doesn't). You're a sheep controlled by your emotions. Can;t see a great management decision if it kicked you in the face.


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