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  • jwm1031 jwm1031 Nov 19, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Outperform Rating / Wedbush Securities

    Nice to get an outperform rating on DECK. The shorts are fighting a losing battle and with 42.76% short, plus naked shorts, I see a massive short squeeze coming. Plus, watch for their new advertising around football time tonight with Tom Brady. Good luck more on dips and force those shorts to capitulate.

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    • the short here has made out very well so far and has basically destroyed the stock. the only problem for the short is that they have borrowed millions and millions of shares to get here and it looks to me that the uggs brand is stronger than ever. they may still make out in the end. so many shares were sold during the destruction from 110 - 30. but it is certainly going to be a higher stock price in my mind than what it is now and i'm sure that the shorts are planning on that. what i find potentially exciting is the possiblility that deckers gets bought. the post about nike selling 2 lines for about 800m and looking for good opportunities seems interesting. after all, deckers is primo brand and its worldwide and it has built out awfully nicely these past 4 years - it might be something that nike would look at. there are a lot of deals going on these days, seems to me.

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      • I've had the buyout thought too. Any announcement and the short covering probably runs the price up past the buyout price. I wish Nike would buy Deck and Crox while they are at it. One or both of them is coming.......maybe Nike, maybe a private buyout but coming. In the case of Crox, they are down because of a breakever projection for fourth quarter but backlog for next year is up 30% from what it was last year this time, they have no debt and somewhere around $300 million cash. Both make for cheap acquisitions.

    • I noticed that ad campaign! Good timing.

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