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  • indian8788 indian8788 Nov 26, 2012 9:21 AM Flag

    My opinion regarding M and A rumors

    Welcome to Wall street 101. Knock down sotcks dramatically, destroy investors on margin, remain low for several months to a year so you really get rid of weak hand retail investors, hedge funds tag in and at low rices. Joe calls bob at Jefferies, says its time, been held down long enough.

    Bob says I understand. Writes up a review, submits to sueriors. Superiors agree. They call Schmo at ..., he understands. He'll give a comment.

    Bottom line, it works for us longs who have remained patient. They seem to be ready to take it up at minimum another 30% from this point. So just stay cool. But this is how the game works. Nothing changed from last week to this week. There was no buyout last week, last month or 6 months ago, there isn;t one today. This is all just the usual "rumor" used as a catalyst to send it back up.

    Nobody buys when everyone knows. Remember the nabisco fiasco of the 1980's? They had to pay ridiculous amounts because the cat was out of the bag. M and A 101 is keep it quiet, not announce it. Just being used as a catalyst to force the shorts to panic and cover.

    I'll take it!


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    • As I was


    • I agree "it's rumor", but I've been in so many stocks that had such a "less chance", such a less attractive potential to be bought-out, while I wholeheartedly agree with your "just a rumor, and Wall-Street machinations theory", I also know that "attractiveness of brand and valuation" make this a very compelling buy-out candidate, and I think one writer said is succinctly by stating the potential traction from "hand-bag, accessories and men's wear", all largely un-contributive to significant bottom-line sales, yet holding such high potential given the right push!

      But in the end, rumor is rumor, until it isn't---another Wall-Street phenomenon!

      PS: There is a very real need to slough-off this huge short-interest effect. I do think most under-estimate the drag-effect from this condition, and it should be cause alone for serious buy-out considerations, b/c this huge short-lobby views current management as "weak and incompetent", guiding a one-hit-wonder! Deeper pockets with more industry-wide associations, would immediately dispel this negative cartel that has battered-down the stock, which keeps it in the basement-bin! Real, professional help is needed for this reason alone! Nothing has worked,, from buy-backs to big open-market CEO purchases---all on deaf ears...b/c the huge 40% short-interest is so strong!

      PPS: But couldn't agree more/w your comments about "this is how it works on the Street". Indeed! Oui, je suis d'accord!

    • Good post Indian. No doubt that is how things work.

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      • Jaques, nice to finally get things moving back the other way. We've hung tight through a non-sto barrage of negative articles/opinions based on non-fact(we're projected to earn over 150M!). Just a bit of a relief honestly to make back some change. I'm in it for the long haul like yourself, just would like a day off from abeating. Heal some wounds. I'll be ready for more tomorrow lol. Just 1 day of rest is all I ask!

        But the numbers are the numbers and the boots at the bottom of the girls feet is doing all the talking. BTW, now above where we fell off after earnings less than 1 month ago(we knew it was #$%$...t)

        All the best.


    • I think you're the most knowledgeable about DECK, hope you're right. I am long and my entry pt @$60. Do you think this will have a chance to go back up around 60. Thanks you in advance!

      Sentiment: Hold

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