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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Dec 19, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    DECK performance is lousy

    Been down more than up. Looks like it wants to work back down to $33 until more rumors resurface. This is #$%$. Almost all retail stocks have been up but yet DECK went down 10% in 3 sessions.

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    • or maybe those 35 calls are an issue and that is the goal

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      • True enough, huh! Money protects its interest! And unfortunately, longs interest aren't aligned with the stronger force!

        What rubs me so wrong is the fact that EVEN ABOVE APPLE, Uggs was the most searched-sought-after brand on Black-Friday via the web, and management is un-able to capitalize on one of the strongest indicators possible in THE STRONGEST MARKET IN THE WORLD!

        You don't get "web-hits" like that for nothing! It's amazing that "the naked-short-scam" money is able to obfuscate this un-real promotional fact, and that management is un-able to promote what is nothing less than monumental! Combine the two forces and you a floundering $36.39!

        Even GMCR, whose fundamental are pitiful compared to ours, is trading $41.48 now!

        This whole affair is a big, fat, BAD JOKE!

        P.S. Of course, look how bad things had to get in GMCR-land before the turn-around! I liken their $17 PPS to our $28!

    • I think DECK's hand is being forced for a take-over at cheaper prices; Huge short interest and a total in-ability from current management to do anything about the "cancer that is Deck's trading"; The lower it goes, the less of a premium this ever could command.

      Too many "wrongs" in management's recent past...that last 1/4's performance wasn't easily forgotten, and that $29-$45 run was all based on "rumor"; Still, I continue to hold b/c I do see "bigger, badder retail forces" vying for this entity; That and the fact that the Ugg brand is as strong as ever. But I'm not disillusioned by the forces at work here...they are fierce and in much more control than the longs!

      PS: Of course, wish I would have sold at $44 at least, but I couldn't see how this could be so "predictably in short control" and the rumors were so strong, one really got the feeling that something big was about to happen, but dumb before my very ignorant eyes, it "already did", with that huge $28-ish to $45 run all on "huff-and-puff rumors", and I sat there like an idiot savant and let it F*** me, even when my balance sheet had nearly been destroyed at the nadir!

      PPS: This will go lower from here, simply b/c IT CAN! IMO!
      PPPS: Just venting...there are positives to relay, but it's hard to be positive when we are being snuffed-out!

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      • lots of games played here. in my opinion, it is not heading lower in any sustainable fashion because the short is tapped out to the tune of a $400,000,000 of shares short? and the boots are selling incredibly well, perhaps better than ever before i my eyes are any indicator. i've never seen so many new pairs before. in other words, i don't see any catalyst for further downside and apparently neither does sterne agee who rated deck a buy at $65, almost double what it is today. i'm going to be patient. risk reward ratio is, imo, as good as it ever gets in a stock. and to tell the truth, i really don't care what happens, as long as they continue to sell an enormous amount of boots and people still love the brand and the brand continues to branch out further with varied fashion wins that look great.

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