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  • american_chariot american_chariot Dec 28, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    I've been a negative long, but

    But, seeing the re-iteration yesterday by Experian, that Decker's Uggs were THE MOST KEY-WORD SHEARCHED, internet query on the net this holiday season, emphasizing that it beat-out Apple and Kindle Fire, on Amazon too, that I can't help but now wonder in amazement how the shorts are getting such an "easy-out". Why? You are talking about the biggest, wealthiest and most powerful consumers in the world, and Uggs is trending #1 above such international titans as Apple, Kindle, and who knows what else. This fact alone makes this $38 a total joke! It's un-real positive news...and now that it has been confirmed x2 by reputable firms, each causing substantial analyst up-graded price targets and "buy" ratings...this is idling here at this range! Truly un-real...and some analyst comes-out from Piper Jaffray and says he sees discounting on various web-sites, and the stock flops! Heck, it's probably a "good thing" for the Co. and stock to have any discounting to move that excess, older inventory! The only time it wouldn't be good, is if the brand is in decline, and they are having to move "hard-to-sell" merchandize. This is clearly NOT the any small discounting is actually a good thing for the Company and stock, given what we now know about the desirability of the product!

    In conclusion, you go and look at a stock like GMCR, trading healthily above DECK, yet even with their popular Keurig single-serve brewer, Uggs is still more sought-out via internet queries! This just doesn't make one iota bit of sense, especially when DECK has much better fundamentals than GMCR.

    It has taken me a while to be "convinced" of where this PPS should be with DECK. But now, without a doubt, I'm thoroughly convinced that this should have been a $45-dollar stock yesterday, and with such tremendous reception via the world's biggest consumer platform, that is, the American Shopper and their desires-for-purchase, and anecdotal evidence of huge-sales (assuming a conversion of queries to purchase!) by overwhelming search-out via the internet, my jaw is a'drop that DECK hasn't been visited with a healthy, premium buy-out offer already, or that shorts have the luxury of covering so cheaply, given what we now know to be fact!

    Sentiment: Buy

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