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  • frog3648 frog3648 Jan 2, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    New Year same old Jimbo......

    Happy New Year! Well, it's a new year and we have the same old #$%$-hole in here bashing everyone as usual. Some things never change. Once a D-Bag ALWAYS a D-Bag!!

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    • my apologies. I did not know he was such an IDIOT.

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      • Not a problem. As you can see some people (raisennuts included) have to come on the board and pass judgement and ridicule people without having any justification. I guess they feel that they have to post stupid thoughts, and then reply to them to make themselves feel better. I haven't even lost $1 on this stock in the last 5 years, and don't think for a minute that I will. Glad that most people take the time to make their own judgement and realize just who the clowns really are.

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    • Happy New Year to you as well. You are still in denial and try to show off your stupid ego. I m only bashing #$% like you who live in pipe dream. Can't admit how wrong you are. You can correct the mistake, but you can't fix stupidity.

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      • Jimbo, you really are pathetic....Like I said before, I don't have to run to the board every time I make a trade. I happen to be up a solid 5 figures in Deck just the past 2 years, and an additional 24K in my Ira this past week and will continue to hold my regular long position for another substantial gain. Unlike you I actually put my money where my mouth is after I do my homework. Deck is also not my only holding, not that I would let you know where else to make a nice profit. You, aren't worth as much as the dog #$%$ on the bottom of my shoe.

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      • But why the hostility Jim? You are the epitome of what is seriously going wrong in our society...people who think its okay to act the way you are online BECAUSE YOU'RE ONLINE and nobody "really" knows who you are here(as in real life). So you can be this disgusting person to everyone when "nobody" is watching and then in your "real" life go and be this other person.

        In mental institutions, they call those people schitzo's. Yet I don;'t believe you are one. I just believe you are like others who act that way, believe it is okay to act this way online.

        You aren't proving anything to us, can you not see that? Seriously? All we are seeing is someone who has repressed hostility from "real" life and believes it is justifiable to realease such hostility to online, as if we are all comuters and not human beings behind these usernames. Really disgusting and art of the reason I stay away from a lot of peole; you never know who is someone like you(pretending to be something in real life but something entirely different behind a veil/curtain).

        One day you might slip up in real life and that mistake is going to cost you. Better to be one real person than some smart alec on a message board who hasn't proven anything and enjoys being hostile and anti-social.


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