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  • mfk2680 mfk2680 Jan 3, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Short Squeeze Over Hyped

    Since mid december when the last share short count was released the shorts could have substantially covered their positions--- relying on the shorts is overhyped...Upward momentum has stalled here and is becoming frustrating, 1 step forward 2 steps back!

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    • Folks hyping the squeeze at this point are either naive or just those sellling stock to novices on the pump.
      True squeezes are rare. The large short interest can actually serve as a barrier to this going higher. There s a tremendous amount of money behind the short position. These people are not all neophytes. They are playing to win. No doubt some have protected themselves with options. But the big money likely have an exit strategy in place.They can no doubt keep this in a range for an orderly exit if they choose.
      Too many folks look at the huge short interest as the mobile to propel this higher when in fact it can be the anchor that keeps it down. This may change but it will take real and concrete numbers and guidance. Not just all the conjecture we keep hearing.In the meantime this stock is the playground for shorts and traders.

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      • Comet, only the minority of money managers(hedge funders) make any return in the market. Most go negative and close u sho because they know they won't get paid until; they get back to even. easier to close shop. The whole money management business is a scam. We are all gambling and to pretend that so many people can all pick stocks is a joke. The proof is in the statistics. The number of shares short is just that. Hedge fund managers are in the business of hedging, there can be any number of stupid, nonsensical reasons for them to be short DECK. It should not matter to the long term investor and I don't believe the number of shares short is an anchor in any way. When shorts short, they "borrow" shares. They are borrowing your shares or my shares, they do not take a piece of the total outstadning shares. There are 31M shares available and the shorts are using the same ones we bought. It is all about supply and demand.

        The shorts have already made their move(44% shares are borrowed short), it can only go so much higher. It's crazy as it is. But all you need is one nice fund to get hungry and buy some 3M shares and boom, up 10 dollar in a flash with or without the shorts covering.


      • true, however the short interest has risen and those real numbers and guidance is coming and that exit door is shrinking, so I for one wouldn't be caught dead shorting this one!

    • The MM's are doing this to you, they are controlling your thoughts and frustration.

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