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  • I find it rather sad that traders are spellbound by all of this option and after-hours activity. As a long-term investor I find it rather silly to hope for the buyout. This company may be ripe for VFC, but getting into an investment is about understanding the risks.

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    • Who talked about a buyout? All people noticed was a rather suspicious spike 45 mintues before the close that took us from being down 1% to up 3% in the time you can count to 3. Then it was noticed that stock was u after hours and then the guys who know or deal with options noticed other "strange" volumes on way out of the money calls. This is about a great earnings which most of us should expect and that the price action is susicious as to what is it that someone just found out that was able to spike us up 4% in a heartbeat and anotehr 2% on to AH as well as the need to buy huge way out of the money otions(that will payoff huge)?

      That's all.


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