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  • indian8788 indian8788 Jan 17, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    deck killed me today

    They are traders(gamblers) not investors. They pretend they make money.


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    • Trading is not gambling. Now I see why so many people put you on ignore. lol Z

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      • sure it isn't. I have no issue with ignorant people putting me on ignore. With no effort and no continuing education, most of the others don't "get/understand" what I am saying because they have a warped view of the market. They don't put in any work and they know guys like Warren Buffet or whomever else didn;t get rich from trading, yet they continue to make believe the market works by trading. It is impossible to predict on a consistent basis the short term impact of millions of different players/outlooks. It is why you get extremes such as the one we have with DECK. This is a known volatile stock. Has always been and now with a smaller float by 25%, the stock iwll be even more volatile as every share is now "worth more" impact wise. Just take a look at NFLX volatility. The float is tiny, therefore volatility.


    • Just out of curiosity, indian8788 - do you use a stop loss in your investment purchases or are you willing to ride it down as far as it will go?

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      • I will ride it out as low as it will go. I do not want to be stopped out and just watch it take off(which it will at some point) nor do I want to pay income taxes on this. Guys who come on and go "you have been wrong for a year", what do I care if in 5 years, if the stock gets to the point I expect it to, the return will come out to an average of 20% year? I just ignore these fools as they view the market in a very immature way. The long term(the hardest thing to do) is what makes the money.

        I find it funny that the "market" tries to make you think you picked a bad investment with volatility and severe drops to shake you out. Take a look atUnder Armours chart for the last 26 months. Stock has returned 200% in the last two years, yet look how mny times the stock pulled back 33% after making an all-time high, only to make anotherall-time high severa months later.

        It wasn;t easy stayin invested as is not fun "losing" money short term or long term, but I've done the analysis. The numbers are pretty great. There is no other product that I see people buying year in and year out like UGGS and just because the market sold off, doesn;t mean my analysis is wrong as my example of UA shows you. It's unexplainable as the market is supposed to price in the long term right? Thats mainstream thinking,, yet it doesn;t seem to hold tree. The main rule of the markets is there are absolutely no rules. A company can trade at a 1 p/e or a 3000 pe; there is no normal.


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