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  • jgiled jgiled Jan 18, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Don't you guys see that JOE and CRAMER set you guys up


    now you paying huge price for it
    My question is where is the SEC to look in to JOE and CRAMER trade ? What did they knew ?
    They should look in to the emails and phone calls they made last few weeks
    This is a dirty work between Hedge Funds and both guys

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    • And I thought they were for the little guy? One big tip off is their dishonesty with Obama. They will not say anything negative about Obama (Liberal), Oh they will bash Republicans, but when it comes to Obama, Cramer says he does not have a political show, I actually saw edited out segment in the early days when Obama first got elected where he tried to bash Obama and was called up on it. So now he only blames Republicans, Congress, the Government when Obama alone is sticking it to everyone. If they will lie about that, they will lie about anything. You can't trust them. Don't. NBC = CNBC = dishonesy.

    • only you can blame for your stupidity. Stop wasting your time.

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