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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Jan 18, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    should we blame options again ?

    Who said that anything is guaranteed but as an investor or trader, this stock is frustrated. Of course, there are thousands of stocks to invest. You don't have to tell me that !! This is a MB to voice your opinion about the stock ? what is wrong with complaining a bit ? What more can you contribute to this board than me ? I'm critical of the stock and that is totally appropriate. Your criticism of my comment is worse.

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    • Ok, I'll be nice since that is what you're looking for..... you want some cheese with that wine? If sympathy is what you want, it can be found in the dictionary between shi* and syphilis. If sniveling about your decision here is what you need besides a hug then go ahead and cry. As far as your opinion, who cares, everyone has one. If you no longer like the stock or the company then sell and go away.

    • Agreed w/ you 100%

    • chkpfbelieve, the resonses are because you are exhibiting the exact reactions that DUMB MOBEY exhibits over and over again. They liked the stock at a certain price....stock then turns against them....stock gets even worse than when it went against them even though the numbers have not changed...time pases and stock has not doen what THEY WANT it to they go and blame whoever they can(a management that is not at fault just like all the other companies management I stated aren;t), or they whine about the evident maniualtion that everyone already knows about.

      They wanted to be rearded in two mintues or two years, making u rules to a game that has none. This is DUMB MONEY and the reason it is called DUMB MONEY is because it never learns,hence DUMB.

      The market has no rules, no concrete rules. A great stock does not necessarily trade anywhere close to its real value as the closer it gets to its real value, the less great of a stock it is(get it?).

      A great stock is a stock whose company performs henomenally but the market is severely underappreciating the stock. YOU WANT THIS! That is a stock you accumulate until time passes(any given amount of time) and the market begins to appreciate the stock and its value by buying it. Once it becomes more to lose to gain for you, you dump and look for greener pastures. But you don't sell when you know something is undervalued and gets even more undervalued, but hasn;t performed as you expected. That is DUMB MONEY.


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