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  • parkchair parkchair Jan 18, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

    This stock is totally manipulative !

    i already told you, the short is both selling one day and covering the next, but net he is covering and has been. the short takes this up 6% one day and down 5% the next, up and down, day after day, fleecing tons of retail along the way -- retail who peeks their cramer heads in everytime cramer or cnbc plugs it.

    don't pay attention to either a 6% up or 6% down day. this stock has been manipulated daily for over 10 years now. keep your eye on the stock price underlying it all instead.

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    • what do you think the true value of this stock should be ? Don't use PE since AMZN's PE is over 1000.

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      • that is too complicated a question.

        but i will say this. someone is in up to their necks short this stock, and so far it has turned out quite well. that being said, however, it is clear that the main thesis for the short -- that the brand is fading -- is incorrect and very much so.

        this stock has gotten played with and bullied all because of the significant revenues from ugg classic prevent most from stepping up and globbing up big chunks of it. the reliance on the classic however is getting to be very much a non-issue and the company is looking stronger and stronger. and it will become apparent to everyone soon enough that deck is a mature and stable company from a revenue perspective, but it will take a couple of years.

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