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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Feb 4, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    bought on Friday at $40.25, sold this morning at $41.25 B4 I could change it. Now going back in ....

    Waiting for it to dip a little within the hour and will be back in for a pre-earnings rally. Not sure if I'll play the earnings game. Could go either way. If earnings are great and inventory low, then stock could sky rocket but if it meet estimates only, then we may be back to $35.

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    • Every time it hits $42+ and I don't sell, and it goes back down to $36 to $37 I kick myself. TIred of making the same money over and over when it goes back up and breaking even. So, this morning when it hit the $42 range I sold 2/3 and kept the other 1/3. Actually, I was sorry I didn't sell that last 1/3 at the high $42s and buy back later. I'm bothered that options expiration is the Friday before earnings and I fear an attempt to drop it to the max pain level again. I think JimSmith201060 is the smart one and the only one making money on the swings. Now that I've sold 2/3 hopefully it will go up to benefit the 1/3 I have left............I will hold that through earnings (and more if we get a dip back down to the $37 range before). I got in starting in the high $29s, averaging up to about $33 so I couldn't pass up taking a gain. Made about $40k since my first buy and happy about that. Good luck to all.

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      • I noticed the $42 resistant level and had passed up selling at $42 on my earlier buys. So last time it hit $41ish, I sold all and have been trading back and forth. It seems range bound at this point until the earnings and forecast proof that they can pull it over. The cloud that has been hanging over since Summer has kept it range round so the traders just play the swing trade game. At least you can still make money that way. I first came back to Deck after it recovered from $29 and bought at $33, sold all at $41 and then got back in at $36. Sold last week at $41 and now back again. The past 2 months were swing trade on takeover rumors and but rumors are rumors and they don't stay long. I just know not to be shorting this stock since the float is small and the squeeze will be painful.

        Good luck to all.

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