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  • reality90210 reality90210 Feb 5, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    One day

    One day DECK will truly burn these people trying to keep it down. Heed this warning, this stock is built like a pressure cooker and it will blow! The shorts will have a very tough time getting to the exit. That day is coming very soon!

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    • There is no manipulation...will you stop it.

      Don't you understand that the more a stock appreciates, the less value it offers people? It has nothing to do with manipulatio/conspiracy and your saing so makes you a child. Has warren buffet ever complained about manipulation?

      C'mon, grow up and realize that even though you can't fathom why someone doesn't want to invest in the stock for their own reasons or flawed value system doesn't mean there is some vast conspiracy. It mans the stock went up on upgrade yesterday and an investor or fund or just people in general feel it is a great time to take some profit.

      It has nothing to do with "keeping us down". You are not even on their mind. Then there are traders and there constant trading has nothing to do with trading but with "momentum". Downards and upwards and the low float means eery trade moves the stock. Please, stop the stupidity.


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      • sorry I don't believe you and no it's not stupidity. This stock is definitely manipulated and management doesn't know how to address this. Warren Buffet doesn't have to complain about manipulation because he's independently wealthy; you (and I) are no Warren Buffet.
        The reason why someone else doesn't want to invest in DECK is because of their recent track record. In addition, the reason why someone doesn't want to invest in DECK is because of the lack of communication from management. Perception is why stock prices move. To use your example whenever Warren buys a stock, the stock goes bonkers.
        Great product, but this stock is manipulated.
        In the words of Jerry McGuire and a message to DECK management - "Show me the Money!!"

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