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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Feb 10, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    last earnings huge drop....and that is the qr where the products get shipped for the holiday's...???

    Man, this one is tough..feels good right now but got hammered holding last time..anyone have insight? thanks

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    • bostonbridal Feb 10, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

      They are already trading at very low P/E multiple compare to the industry average, so the stock price is property punished for the slow growth. However, even if this quarter is a miss which I doubt, they project a much better future earnings growth, stock will go up or at least hold at this level. This is a growth stock so growth is the key. I bought a pair of MINI BAILEY BUTTON @ $135 from Nordstrom store, I checked on ebay for the same style, it sells $125 including shipping, I've been watching several auctions, all of them sold $115 and up. It usually gets more than 10 bids. Also, I had a girl's night out a week ago, half of my friends wears ugg, most of them wear ugg first time. I doubt the growth will be the same as last last time they projected. Jeffery is very good at retail stocks, they have a big research team, I doubt they will embarrass themselves by giving out total bogus report. If they want to pump and dump, they can do some mumble jumble bs report, like we think bla bla, they don't have to say, we did research, the sales is very good, if turns out to be bad, who would believe their future report on retail sales?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I THINK ITS A REAL SURPRISE to the upside,,,,,,,The company is preparing for growth in opening new retail stores, IM THINKING INTERNET SALES for the holidays is really strong,,,WE SHALL SEE,,,,BUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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