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  • american_chariot american_chariot Feb 22, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    This is pretty dumb (continued manipulation)

    What, did all the buying just stop at $42 today? One thing I really dislike about the Markets, is this out-right, machine-driven, tick-by-tick, black-box, dark-pooled, mathematical-formulation-driven, extreme-video-game-like, B/S that mask as "trading". Why doesn't the SEC let the machines have their own trading markets...let the big off-shore hedge-fund manipulators play their games with their own money, instead of ours! How can you, me and Joe compete with this type of scam? SEC always makes me want to puke, b/c it's such a joke of an institution! Don't take my harsh words to be that I'm "so disgruntled and up-set a person in life", b/c I'm not, but rather, just calling it like I see it, and the trading of DECK, and many other easily-manipulated, especially small-float stocks, (still especially with high-short-interest, usually indicative of easy manipulation and control), by these machine traders, trading on fractional decimals, naked short selling with phantom shares, block-busting B/S, algorithmic mayhem! And rest assured, there has always been manipulation in the markets, of one sort or another, but never so pervasive, sanctioned, condoned and I dare say, even promoted by the SEC, exchange officials (hay, that's how they make money, a trade is a trade, even if it's illegal!), DTC, and others!
    Let's get real about the markets, or as the Charmin commercial says, "it's time to say what really goes-on in the bathroom with your toilet paper!)---always thought that was a funny commercial, b/c you "don't really want to know what REALLY goes on in the bathroom, do you"?!!!!

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    • Smartest post I have ever read on these message boards. You are getting it. This is designed to take your money. Follow the leaders actions not words or articles.

    • I'd love to see a study that shows just how much the average joe retail trader has lost since the advent of online trading, what with the trading stops (which are regularly triggered only to see the stock prance back up), pre-market and after hours short selling (made legal by the SEC for god knows what reason), and the worst culprit of all, that of the bad habit that the retail trader has of selling almost always at a loss and never walking away when the stock is in the green. wash, repeat, rinse, year after year. i'd bet retail traders, and there are many, including just about every male on the planet making trades at work, etc., have lost tons and tons of dollars.

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