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  • shortssqueeze_expert_no1 shortssqueeze_expert_no1 Mar 1, 2013 1:02 AM Flag

    Let me explain, why we´ll see a shortsqueeze here

    First of all, I´ll say that I´m not impressed by earnings

    BUT, the major problem here is, that too many shorts here sit in a wrong position:
    1) They never made a dime on their bet
    2) They are here, because they think Crox & DECK are the same story
    3) They expected bad numbers ( as usual )

    Let´s take them one by one.
    Shorts have been burned time after time here, and never got a long period of profit.

    Many of the shorts here just have this pos. because they look at Crox, and expect the same to happen. Yes, they both make shoes, but otherwise nothing can be compared between these two companies.
    Buyers of Crocs are totally different from UGGS owners.
    Crox had a major problem with cheap copies from east. DECK can not be copied the same way, because their clients buy quality of lamb.
    I live next door to ECCO. I never had a pair of their shoes, and I think they are boring, and I don´t understand, that they still have a business - but nevertheless it has been there for 50 years now.
    So... Many shorts in DECK have totally misunderstood something. They think that a company with a fashiontrend is a dying stocks. WRONG ! They have a brand and a platform to build something new from.

    I was close to put a short yesterday before earnings, because the history says, that DECK always tanks. I think a lot of shorts had the same feeling, and will get caught now.

    +40% short - and only 33M shares - open with a gap up today.
    That will be a squeeze, because weak hands will start the covering. Market right now is not for shortsellers. Look at Netflix and other highshorted stocks.

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    • You forgot to mention the fact that Crocs were a fad and provided zero value where Ugg;s have been around for 30+ years and is ever-growing and evolving it's product line daily. I find it amusing when investors and people in general feel the need to compare these 2 companies, there is no comparison; they are two completely different companies and Deckers is a market/category leader that has stood the test of time and is NOT going anywhere!

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