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  • reality90210 reality90210 Mar 8, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    I shall dub this OREDERLY Covering

    If you pay any attention to this stock you will notice that all that is happening right now is orderly covering by shorts. I wish DECK management would burn them but it doesn't seem that will happen. Regardless, if anyone out there is long and is using their own money to invest in DECK, I can assure you that you will serve yourself better by not selling all your shares. I like it if people take a little off the top because that's the name of the game, but DON'T .. let the shorts steal your fundamental position, because they are of course the ones with the predicament of having to cover.. and that folks is my two cents.. Happy weekend!

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    • that's exactly what is going on, covering. the huge short has made tons and tons of money here and is now closing out at least a portion of its position -- cashing in, if you will. that's my take. the earnings were terrible so its obvious this isn't buying because of earnings. i'll bet there is actually a lot of longs selling after earnings, but because of covering you can't see it. of course the longs here think that the earnings were great. they don't know how lucky they are that the short is covering. oh no, looks like the short is not covering anymore past couple of sessions. i can feel another downdraft in this stock. i think i read that uggs sales were actually down yoy, and that after a non-existent winter last year. not good...

    • I deem your post to be of the utmost correctness! I'm not selling till full value. At this point around 70ish.

    • It'd be a good post if I'd spell checked Orderly!

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