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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 23, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    I just can't see somebody pushing us down below 60 before earnings

    I see us at 65 by 4 PM Thursday.


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    • Wrong...again. Going to test $59.

    • Well Z, I hope you are right..... If this puppy hits 65 prior to earnings I'm selling. It would be a hefty profit that I just couldn't possibly pass up. I know it could go higher, but that is my "happy" number right now. Gl to all longs.

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      • It would be a huge mistake. The stock hit 120 for a reason 2 years ago. The company earned 199M in 2011! It fell to 165 for 2012 and 128M this year because sheepskin rose two year in a row and management raised prices on consumers IN A WARM WINTER.

        But that is over and done with right now. Sheepskin costs have stabilized and actually gone down for this year and next year. Company borrowed money and bought back virutally 200M worth of shares at 5 year lows. The company got rid of that debt in less than 12 months because IT IS A CASH MACHINE.

        Either we get a dividend going foward or another stock buyback but this company is way too cheap.

        To print 290M in cash from q3 to Q4 in a BAD YEAR just speaks volumes of what should be coming in the coming years.

        Hedge funds felt the need to write a hit piece today by "windy Hill Investments". That was done by a new seeking alpha account. Just a hit piece. Again with the FAD nonsense as if we didn't just recieve 4th quarter results 2 months ago that showed sales were the same as the year before(thereby proving not to be a fad).

        This is a see's candy(warren buffet). He bought it for 25M decades ago and it is now worth 1B today they say and if that company is worth a billion, then this company is worth way more than 2B as virtually every girl in America knows this brand, has a pair or several, or WANTS one.


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