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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 26, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Management, this is why you get AGGRESSIVE

    You've done it in the past. But wall street likes to pull these shenanigans in the short term to hurt those who use margin(seen it plenty of times). But this is how you make more money for the longs in the long term, by being more aggressive when it counts and incentivized to do so!


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    • You just try to justify your stupidity with your own cheerleading. Pathetic! LOL

    • Part of me wants these guys to initiate another 100M just to really take advantage of this cheap valuation but as I stated in an earlier post, wall street could make deckers wait a LONG time to appreciate it in value and try and wait people out and get the "stock" on the cheap.

      Maybe I'm a bit crazy as it seems like the smart ones are already in(goldman sachs 8.9% of total company) and float is less than 10M shares really. So maybe I'm just being paranoid that they could try and make people "suffer" for a few years and THEN be forced by the EXPECTED(isn't wall street all about exectations and this company knocked it out of the park). 1B in cash in 5 years from now. But who knows? Better to prepared than sorry right?


      T-1699 days till 1B cash(1 day down)


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      • cash could be anywhere from 800M-1.4B in 5 years from now or even higher depending on how much UGG Pure mitigates sheepskin costs and how much of the lost business to knock-offs is taken back with the product.

        But sheepskin costs should continue to head lower especially as a result of UGG PURE which will help cash flow. So my expectations could be on the low end. Either way, based on the current conservative estimate we should have another 250M+ in cash in 363 days from now on top of the 60 we currently have.

        What I am trying to get through to the ones who are scratching their heads as to the stock price when my points are SO TRUE. This is how the markets work. Stock valuations ARE completely random on a day to day basis but long term, cash and earnings force the stock valuation up.


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