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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 27, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    AVG P/E ifor a company in the market is 15 or so

    and Deckers foward P/E is 12.4. Most of these other companies come nowhere close to producing the amount of cash Deckers does on a yearly basis. Ignore the "noise" that is the stock rice and just realize that T-1699, it DOESN't make a difference what they do if you can stay solvent as the real worth will come out in time(not more thanT-1699, and less if the stock goes lower).


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    • All one has to fear is fear itself.

      All we can deal with are the FACTS. The facts are this is virtually the CHEAPEST company on the market. Can it get CHEAPER? Of course it can but can only remain so for so long1699 days if that as the value of the business would be 600M at that point if not less).

      Management would get the oppurtunity to serve us shareholders by utilizing the CHEAP factor by aggressively buying shares at 5 year lows. There is not much to fear excet fear itself. It is just a matter of TIME now and no other company that I can personally SEE is making CASH as fast as DECKERS at such a cheap valuation.

      Solvency is the biggest factor in the stock market as the market is irrational MOST OF THE TIME.

      Do not invest over your head and relinquish control over your invesment. Whatever one has is plenty to start with and TIME will do all the work(T-1699). All it takes is what you have as companies can grow tremendously due to cash production and earnings growth. Just take a look at VF corp and COach and Nike as just some clear examples.

      How many people just invested and held? How many that did hold made plenty of money? All of them.


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