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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 28, 2013 10:12 PM Flag

    It makes you wonder

    how we are NOW worth 1.87B, 6 months we were only worth 990M for a second or so, and just 2 days ago were worth 2.04B.

    Folks, it is a game of solvency. You play on margin, you relinquish control. DO not play on margin and they could shift left or right up and down and it doesn't make a different because THE FACTS are the FACTS.

    But Fridays sell-off is your classic margin squeeze(10% or more) off an earnings that were very good and much better than expected(a loss of 10 cents was predicted) aside from the fact we know 250M of cash was produced this year in the erasure of 250M of debt from 260 to just 10 outstanding and 60M cash remaining the same as 8 months ago.

    Buy what you can and just hold through the noise. This stock will have a 5B valuation likely within the next 5-7 years as cash will be about 2B by then.

    Stay solvent my friends and everything else will be fine. Stock goes down, you're solvent, management takes advantage and buys back shares on the dirt cheap. Stock goes up you make money.

    You play with margin, they can take it way down(they took this to 990M valuation in the same year that the company produced 250M of CASH!). So wall street is OBVIOUSLY capable of anything. You can't beat it using margin as the purposeful volatility will throw you around and allow them to "control" you by forcing your hand. If you OWN the shares you buy instead of renting(margin) they can throw out all the low-ball share prices that they want for the next 1697 days, you do not have to bite because YOU OWN YOUR SHARES


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