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  • johndoolittle46 johndoolittle46 Apr 29, 2013 10:13 PM Flag

    Show me another company making 250M cash in a BAD year?

    trading at this valuation.


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    • and why are you saying in a "bad" year? retail is doing really well all the way around and we had a robust winter?

    • apple, almost half the price. and countless others too. your pocketbook is calling for you to be real

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      • I am not arguing with you on that. Apple is a product company that virtually has no differnece between their product and competitors who are now catching up in quality and offering better prices. Apple has to now prove itself again in the market that it can sustain their earnings. I'm not sure they can myself as I personally don't buy their overpriced products as the alternative does fine for me but other people do..

        UGG brand is similar in a lot of ways but competetion has not come out with the same quality in products. Deckers management is innovating with the UGG brand and diversifying away from just one style of product(so in 5 years we hopefully are not as reliant as we are today), as well as pursuing new avenues of growth(like women's tops and bottoms).

        So in a way, two very different companies, both cash machines, both on different trajectories in my opinion,. Apple is down and will likely stay down as their margins are going to erode at a faster pace than people expect and they are in a very competitive electronics market where it is hard for one to really differentiaite one's product from another besides brand name today.

        Will UGGS brand line grow at a faster rate than management is forecasting with UGG pure? We will no know for 237 days if management TRULY was being ultra cautious just in comparison to this past years earl cancellation of orders. But I am personally betting it is ultra cautios, that UGG pure will be a huge hit for us and benefit our bottom line and tackle our "knock off" competetion as well as help us to continue 250M+ in cash.

        One needs to remain solvent and not be greedy. Margin is not your friend it is your enemy. Stay solvent over the next 12 months and we will liekly have a share price between 80-100/share due to the good earnings and continuous production of cash. I see 120 in 24 months, but stock can go up and down by 25-30% severall times in that time span as we have seen over the last 24 months.


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